World’s First Complete and Proven Mail-In Ballot Locator and Notification System

Helps States and Counties Streamline the Voter Experience with Confidence

(Denver, CO – May 5, 2016) Colorado based BallotTrax (a subsidiary of parent company i3Logix) today announced a deal with the State of Oregon to provide their award winning, patent-pending, ballot tracking solutions to counties and constituents across the entire state. All counties in Oregon can now offer registered voters the ability to identify the location and status of their mail-in ballot through BallotTrax tracking, reporting, and notification tools in the May 17th Primary and Presidential Primary Elections.

Since adopting vote-by-mail, Oregon consistently ranks as a national leader in voter turnout. Mail-in ballots are typically received two to three weeks before an election, allowing voters time to research issues, candidates and now sign up to use BallotTrax. Under the terms of this contract, every county in the State of Oregon can offer voters the BallotTrax solution through December 31, 2017.

To sign up for BallotTrax, Oregon voters simply go to, enter the name of their county, and click “Find Out Now” to receive a link directing them to their specific county’s voter login page. From here, voters can sign up for BallotTrax and customize delivery of near real-time ballot status notifications through each step of the mail-in process. This allows for quick response and action if their ballot is denied for any reason, to ensure their vote counts.

“We are very excited to offer BallotTrax to Oregon voters,” said Jim Williams, Election Director for the State of Oregon. “Not only is it a great voter engagement tool, BallotTrax increases the transparency and security of our vote-by-mail system. BallotTrax has proven to be reliable, successful, and popular in several counties over the last year, and we’re excited to expand the offering to serve all Oregon voters in these historic 2016 Elections.”

BallotTrax is the world’s first complete mail ballot locator and notification system serving states, counties, election commissions and voters across the U.S. This award-winning, patent-pending system provides proven, tested, mail-in ballot tracking tools with near real-time reporting on ballot statuses, notifications sent, and voters registered for the system. Its proactive voter notification tool with customizable messaging supports multiple languages (English, Spanish, with capabilities to expand to more), and multiple notification methods (email, SMS, voice).

The company has strong relationships with the key groups that facilitate the voting process (ballot printers, hardware and software manufacturers, voting systems), and 7 years of proven success creating a seamless platform to ensure mail-in ballots actually count.

“Our strategic partnership with the State of Oregon is a significant milestone in election history, as BallotTrax now allows Oregon’s voters to track their mail-in ballot from printing to delivery, to denial or acceptance,” said Steve Wolffis, Vice President and General Manager at BallotTrax. “Our main goals in creating BallotTrax were to increase transparency and confidence in the election process and provide voters with near real time information to ensure their vote counts. We also provide increased visibility and accountability for election officials to better plan election resources and expenses. And from what we’ve seen so far in 2016, it’s more important than ever that each and every ballot cast is counted.”

BallotTrax is now available for voters in all participating counties in the State of Oregon; counties covering more than half of the State of Colorado’s voting population (with more to come before the June 28th State Primary Election); as well as many other counties around the country. This proprietary technology is attractive to both voters and election officials who’ve come to expect notifications as a part of daily life, and been recognized for it’s ability to help increase voter turn out and confidence.

More information and interviews are available upon request.


About BallotTrax

Based in Denver, CO, BallotTrax is the first and only recognized mail-in ballot locator and notification system used in the US today, providing tracking, reporting, update and multi-language communication options every step of the way for any election. A proprietary, patent-pending solution, BallotTrax has proven its functionality and dependability, with over 7 years of extensive testing in elections in multiple states across the country, including Colorado, Ohio, Oregon, and others soon to be announced.



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