Boulder County voters can sign up to be notified when the County Clerk and Recorder’s Elections Division has received those voters’ completed ballots in this fall’s election.

With Ballot Track, a free service powered by i3ballot, voters can arrange to get email, text-message or telephone notifications when the clerk’s office has received the ballots voters have sent back or dropped off at designated locations, according to county officials.

Ballot Track will also alert a voter whose ballot is returned as undeliverable or cannot be processed, requiring the voter’s further attention.

Boulder County voters can sign up for a free Ballot Track account at

“Ballot Track is a wonderful new resource for Boulder County residents,” Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall said in a statement. “Voters will no longer need to check online or call our office to see if we received their mail ballot.

“Instead, voters can sign up now to receive alerts about the status of their ballot packet. With all-mail-ballot elections in Colorado, this service is an additional way to help voters feel confident and assured their ballot was received and that their vote will be counted,” Hall said.

Hall’s staff said in a news release that Ballot Track works by using unique bar codes printed on the exterior of the envelope, not the ballot itself, so a person’s vote remains anonymous.

Once the signature on a mail ballot envelope has been confirmed to be accurate, Ballot Track sends the voter a message that their mail ballot packet has been accepted. The mail ballot packet is then opened and the ballot is separated from the envelope, keeping all votes anonymous.