Case Studies

Working closely with election officials from around the country, i3ballot began developing BallotTrax in April of 2009. During the last six years, we worked to perfect the software and build voter confidence in vote-by-mail elections. Our goal is to make the democratic process more transparent for voters and counties while maintaining vote security and secrecy.

We’ve worked with a variety of counties from small to large populations. With each election, we’ve studied on how we can better serve them and we look forward to every new partnership.  Here are some key success factors in our case studies.

arapahoe Arapahoe County Election Division provided BallotTrax to residents in September 2014. The county’s goal was to achieve noted benefits with BallotTrax.

Key Successes:

  • The goal was to sign up 5,000 voters for the service. Within eight weeks leading up to the 2014 election day, more than 7,000 voters signed up for messaging.
  • With verifying ballot signatures, ballots may be rejected. Within hours, the software was able to locate any discrepancies. The county has an option to notify voters in a timely matter.
pueblo_logo In September 2014, Pueblo County Election Division implemented the BallotTrax system. For the county, BallotTrax was a solution to reduce election costs.

Key Successes:

  • With a smaller county and election division staff, i3ballot was hands-on in the data integration, marketing and providing tech support.
  • Pueblo has a relatively small population with over 106,000 residents. The county’s local print vendor and post office were not set up to track mail. i3ballot worked with them to set up the mail-in-ballot locating system.