How it Works

Postal-Stamp-I printedBallotTrax is the country’s first and only complete mail-in ballot tracking solution: providing tracking, reporting, status updates and multi-language communications for any vote-by-mail election. BallotTrax brings voter confidence back to the democratic process with over six years of extensive testing on live elections to bring this proven, patent-pending solution to market.

Simple Sign Up: Voter only needs: First name, last name, DOB, and zip code. Voter ID is optional.

Set Contact Preferences: Voters can define contact method settings by opting-in for email, text, or voice status updates on their mail ballots.

Setup Best Times to be Contacted: Set the time when you would like to receive messages and when you do not want to be disturbed.

Data Upload: Counties upload their voter registrations data

Mapping: Files are securely mapped so all registered voters, regardless of registration for BallotTrax, are accounted for within the tracking system

Updates: Counties upload information weekly. When it’s closer to the election, they have the flexibility to update daily or several times a day

Targeting: Through the BallotTrax’s admin page, the system can identify which voters can receive what information about each election (i.e. primaries, parties, etc.)

Tracks: Voter profiles tie voter ID to printed inbound and outbound barcodes

Customize: Counties can personally brand software and send branded, content rich emails from a county email address

Generate Reports: Counties can see Counties can see who has registered and determine voter preferences

They can also track and see:

  • Who isn’t getting notifications
  • Who hasn’t come back to the site since registering
  • Status: Outbound, inbound, undeliverable, accepted, received, vote-in person, rejected
  • Send customized messages: Inform voters instantly of the following:
  • Reminders to mail in ballots at five days before election day
  • Day of election – Notices to not to mail back ballots. Here are polling places to drop it off
  • Received by post office
  • Received by county, undeliverable mail-in ballot, in-person drop off required
  • Accepted or rejected mail-in ballots
  • Information on redemption options