Oregon Elections Division

“BallotTrax is an exciting and innovative resource for voters and election administrators. It enhances the transparency and security of the mail ballot process. It allows voters to follow the status of their ballot and helps administrators deliver important messages directly to voters efficiently and effectively.”
Jim Williams , Elections Division Director

Pueblo County

Some voters indicated they’d be interested in the notification service before the county signed with i3ballot.com, said Gilbert ‘Bo’ Ortiz.

In November 2014 elections, Pueblo broke their own record of received mail-in ballots with over 58,000 ballots returned, almost 64% turnout.

“We’ve heard of some nervousness in the past about an all-mail system. We believe that this could calm those down.”
Gilbert ‘Bo’ Ortiz, Pueblo County Clerk and Recorder

Arapahoe County

“Now that Colorado voters receive a mail ballot in every election, it is more important than ever to provide transparent communication to citizens about the status of their ballot. i3ballot’s reliable and intuitive software allowed Arapahoe County to reach voters by email, phone and SMS text message.

Throughout this project, i3ballot (BallotTrax) provide prompt and enthusiastic service to our Elections Division to ensure we were making the best possible use of the software.

With i3ballot, Arapahoe County was able to surpass our goal of 5,000 subscribers by Nov. 4 Election Day. Just six weeks after launching the service, more than 7,000 active voters signed up.

We also appreciated (i3ballot) outreach after the election to evaluate the process and identify opportunities for improvement.

We look forward to the ongoing success of BallotTrax in the 2015 Coordinated Elections.”

Matt Crane, Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder