Top Ten BallotTrax - Most Frequently Ask Questions




1. Can we brand the voter login page?

Yes. The voter login page can be designed with your county logo and any renaming of the service. As part of our service, i3logix provides marketing consulting on how to brand the services for your community.

2. Can we brand and customize the voter notifications?

Yes. Emails sent out from BallotTrax are HTML messages. Images and links can be added to the content.

3. Can we send out custom reminders and updates? 

Yes. Besides notifications on mail ballot statuses, we can send out and schedule election reminders and election updates.

4. How does the post office data work?

The post office will give you a link to download a PKG file of barcode timestamps on a daily basis. Once you have the file, you just need to upload it into the BallotTrax system.

5. What files do you need from the county?

There are two standard files we need:

VOT file (Voter Master List of all registered voters in your county)

ELG file (List of eligible voters and their ballot status)

If you opt-in to track ballots through the post office, we need two more files:

TRK file (the print vendor’s master file matching barcodes to voter IDs)

PKG file (the post office’s timestamps and barcode reports) 

6. What reports can be automatically downloaded?

There are three reports available within BallotTrax:

Registration Activity Report

Ballot Status Report 

Messages Report 

7. Is there a technical setup process for the county?

Yes. To have emails sent on your county’s behalf with your county’s email address, we need to work with your IT Team to update the DNS server to allow us to use the address. The process is simple and only requires one file change on your email server.

8. Can the automated voice be changed?

No. However, we are working on features to customize the voice with a personal recording. We will update you when the feature is available.

9. Is there access control over employee logins?

Yes. As an administrator, you can create logins for your employees as well as limit access to parts of the application. If an employee only needs access to reports and not messaging, an administrator can grant access only to that feature.

10. What are the average messages a voter receives?

There are eight status messages in BallotTrax. You can choose which messages you would like to send. Currently, the average amount of messages a voter opts-in for is 3 to 4.