Voters’ Testimonials

“It sets my mind at ease–I’m always a little paranoid that my ballot won’t get there or something will go wrong! Also, it makes me smile to know that I’ll stop getting most of those phone bank calls once my ballot is in.”
- Anonymous
“I like accountability and this is one step in the process that assures me that my ballot at least made it into be counted.”
- Nancy Pautsch
“Great way to encourage civic participation and provides assurance that my ballot was received and processed correctly. Awesome idea.”
- Jonathan Pulvers
“I appreciate knowing when my ballot is being delivered/received by elections. I’m an active voter, I want to make sure that my vote is counted.”
- Stephanie Thornton
“I like the sense of security I get from knowing my ballot has arrived and is being counted.”
- Diane Wuesthoff
“It was very easy to use and set up as an older citizen its very important to me that it be easy to understand and use.”
- Cecilia Bamford
“Because I just moved from Nebraska, where you see your ballot deposited into a locked box after voting before it is returned to the election office. This serves as a similar type of accountability measure, assuring your ballot has arrived and is set to be counted. It also provides peace of mind to the individual voting regarding its integrity….”
- Tyson Poskochil
“It’s simple and it works! If you’ve ever wondered if your vote actually was received and counted, this is the answer for you!”
- Craig Loftin
“I love it… It’s a fun and interactive and informative twist on voting.”
- Joy Stoelting