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Press & Media Resources

Please take a moment to review our brand guidelines. If you have press inquiries, would like to write about us, or have any questions regarding our media material, email our team at [email protected]. We’d love to chat with you!

Please Do:

  • Spell BallotTrax only as BallotTrax – Ballottrax, Ballot Trax, ballottrax, etc. are not acceptable spellings. Combination and lowercase, such as ballottrax, is only acceptable as part of a domain, such as

Please Don’t:

  • Use any other images, assets, or content from BallotTrax without written permission.
  • Display any content obtained here that implies a partnership or endorsement with BallotTrax.
  • Use these assets for your own business usage or commercial use.
  • Combine or alter any of these assets without written consent.


The BallotTrax branding guidelines.


A variety of BallotTrax logo files.


BallotTrax templates for web and digital use.

Want to Know More?

Download Our BallotTrax Introduction Presentation