tnyman, Author at BallotTrax
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Author: tnyman

As we continue our journey towards the November midterm elections, it is more important than ever to reassure voters that voting by mail is a trusted and secure process. BallotTrax is here to provide election and ballot status information to voters in a timely manner. We are excited to share that BallotTrax is now available to nearly 60 million voters nationally. Earlier this year, Hawaii and Utah conducted their first statewide elections with the BallotTrax system. They will join California, Colorado, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, and Rhode Island as states that offer the service to all non-confidential mail ballot voters. To see if the BallotTrax system is available where you vote, please visit For the last two years, the focus of the BallotTrax development team has been to dramatically improve system performance while seamlessly adding new jurisdictions and millions of supported users. To accomplish this, the system...