Voter Benefits - BallotTrax
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Voter Benefits

Have you ever wondered if your mail-in ballot made it to your county’s election division?

BallotTrax is a secure software application that locates ballot envelopes. The system works with election officials and the Postal Office to send you messages when your ballot is received as well as notifies you if there is a discrepancy. By logging into the BallotTrax site, voters can see their mail-in ballot status and sign up for alerts.

The sign up process is simple. Just sign on, enter contact info, select message method (email, text and voice messages), and note what time works best for messaging.

Here are some additional benefits:

Convenient: Simple, secure, online signup

Confidential: Tracks your mail-in ballot, not your vote

Innovative: BallotTrax utilizes barcode data offers complete visibility as to your mail-in ballot’s location and status – your vote remains confidential

Informative: The updates available by text, email, voice – any or all, brings transparency to voters

Customization: Voters choice of delivery, language, and when (and when not to) be notified

Intelligent: Accepted, rejected, missing, need to sign? Timely notifications to ensure voters have time to respond to any discrepancies with their ballot, such as verifying ballot signatures

Voter Experience

With a new voter login portal and county dashboard, BallotTrax has become the leading solution for ballot tracking and providing real-time voter data analysis.

Track Your Ballot

Know Your Polling Places

Email, Text & Voice Messages

Election Information

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