County Benefits - BallotTrax
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BallotTrax is an award-winning, patent-pending system which tracks mail ballot envelopes through the postal stream to the final destination at the election division. Through the simple web application, voters set up notification preferences, including language, delivery method and best times to be contacted. Voters can choose from email, text, and voice messaging.

With tracking, reports and branding customization, election officials have a valuable intelligent tool that simplifies and expedites the voting procedures while maximizing accountability and reducing operational costs. The unique tracking and communication system also builds voter confidence and turn-out in the vote-by-mail process.

The visibility benefit for counties and voters enables election offices to provide higher levels of customer service at a reduced administrative cost.


Tracking reports show exact mail-in ballot location throughout the ENTIRE process.


Patent-pending technology with more than six years of proven success.


Communicate simply and quickly with voters when it matters the most (ie, rejections, mismatched signatures).


Near real-time reporting allows for mail delivery audits and mail-in ballot processing, increasing vendor accountability.


Notifications enable forecasting and planning to help reduce staffing costs, inbound calls, and improve customer service.


Reminders, updates and notifications boost voter turnout and confidence.


Multi-language capabilities ensure you’re communicating with all eligible voters. Voters with no internet access and people with disabilities can also be reached through direct messaging methods.


Send customized messages to any voter subset, specific and flexible to the issues of that group. For example, reminders to those voters hat have not yet returned their ballot for counting.


County can customize and brand the application and outgoing messages through the simple administration interface.

Top Counties Use BallotTrax

Something about Counties with voter populations both large and small using the best ballot tracking system in the world. You should join them.