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Is Your County Using BallotTrax?

BallotTrax is currently available in select counties. To see if your county is eligible for ballot tracking and alerts from BallotTrax, click the FIND OUT NOW button below.


Leading The Way In
Election Engagement

BallotTrax is the premier resource for connecting
county voting systems with county voters.
Our unique system sends election notifications, voter
alerts and updates about the current election process.

Real Time Election Reporting

Ballot Management
Insight on Ballot Trends
Complete Voter Turnout Data

Voter Notifications

Text Messages
Voice Alerts

Is Your County Using BallotTrax!

The World’s First Complete
Mail Ballot Locator & Notification System

Current BallotTrax Data


Total Elections Run

8.83 Million

Active BallotTrax Users

79 Million

Voters in BallotTrax Counties

178 Million

Ballots Tracked

500 +

Counties Across 26 States

39 Billion +

Records Processed

States Using BallotTrax To Support Their Elections

BallotTrax is currently available in select counties. To see if your county is eligible for ballot tracking and alerts from BallotTrax, click FIND OUT NOW and you will be directed to wheresmyballot.com. You will be able to enter your county and state to see if you can enroll.


Trust That Every Vote Counts with BallotTrax

What is BallotTrax?


BallotTrax by i3Logix is a unique, patented solution that tracks the status of every mail-in ballot and sends a series of proactive alerts to voters telling them where their ballot is in the election process from printed to accepted! This gives voters peace of mind knowing their vote remains private and has been counted!


Tracking, Reports & Branding Customization

Election officials have a valuable intelligent tool that simplifies and expedites the voting procedures while maximizing accountability and reducing operational costs. The unique tracking and communication system also builds voter confidence and turn-out in the vote by mail process. The visibility benefit for counties and voters enables election offices to provide higher levels of customer service at a reduced administrative cost.

County Benefits

BallotTrax is designed to track mail ballots and absentee ballots through the postal stream and proactively push ballot status notifications to voters, thus increasing election visibility and vendor accountability.

By integrating with State and/or County election offices, print vendors and USPS, BallotTrax knows when a ballot has been printed and mailed to a voter, returned from a voter, received by the election office and accepted for counting by the election office.

Our data driven process provides real-time, comprehensible reports to help you run a better election and help reduce administrative costs through better forecasting and planning.

Voter Benefit

BallotTrax brings transparency to the voter process so you know your vote has counted. Whether your preference is to receive a notifications via text, email, or voice alert, BallotTrax lets you know where your vote is in real time. Also, with our proactive notification system, we ensure you stay informed about upcoming elections and general election information so you never miss an opportunity for your voice to be heard.

Take the first step toward unifying election engagement today!