Richmond County Board of Elections encourages voters to use BallotTrax - BallotTrax
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Richmond County Board of Elections encourages voters to use BallotTrax

Richmond County Board of Elections encourages voters to use BallotTrax

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Video Credit: WFXG, Fox 54 News, Georgia

By: Sydni Moore, WFXG Georgia

AUGUSTA (WFXG)- Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger just launched a system that will allow Georgia voters to keep track of what’s happening with their absentee ballots. FOX 54 spoke with the Richmond County Board of Elections to find out how this new system works and how it will be beneficial for voters.

It’s called BallotTrax, a system that comes with high praise from Richmond County Board of Elections Executive Director Lynn Bailey. The handy tool will allow voters to receive alerts through emails and text messages about their absentee ballot’s status.

“The first text I got from BallotTrax was a message saying hey we got some information from you, but we want to make sure it’s from you. So, you text us back yes or no whether you want us to go forward with this information,” Bailey says.

After using BallotTrax herself, Bailey says the new secured system is a great tool that will provide voters information in just 24 hours.

“Using this application, voters have the additional benefit of being able to not just to check the status of their absentee ballot but to be instantaneously notified when changes are made to their record.”

All you have to do is log into the BallotTrax website, enter your information: name, date of birth, and zip code. From that point on, the system will send alerts about your ballot to you.

“When their absentee ballot application is received and verified by our office. They’ll get another notification when we have processed the application and the ballot has been mailed out and they’ll get a third notification when their voted ballot has been verified and returned to our office.”

This year, the board is expecting an even larger number of absentee ballots. Bailey believes BallotTrax will also be able to help with the office’s efficiency.

“I think it will just alleviate some of the phone calls that come into our office and kind of lighten that load, if you will, of phone calls coming into our office.

The last day to register to vote in the 2020 election is Oct. 5.

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