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North Carolina voters who opt to vote by mail will be able to track their ballots with BallotTrax. State election officials expect to launch the system Sept. 11. By QCity Metro Staff September 11, 2020 North Carolina voters who vote by mail will soon be able to track their ballots, a move to ensure voter confidence during this year’s general election. BallotTrax is expected to launch today, according to N.C. Board of Elections public information officer Patrick Gannon. How does it work? Think of mail ballot tracking similar to locating your package from Amazon. Voters can sign up for text, email and phone notifications alerting them to the status of their ballot, regardless if you vote by mail or ballot drop box. The system shows when a ballot is printed, sent, delivered and, most importantly, officially tabulated. On your voter dashboard, you’ll see one of two statuses – Requested, when an absentee request form...